“Success doesn’t come to you,

you’ve got to go to it.”

– Marva Collins

Welcome to
Stella Maris Convent School

Stella Maris Convent Senior Secondary School is under the ownership of Nirmala Province Venniyoor of the Congregation of The Daughters of Mary. The school provides each student with the best education possible based on the fundamental human values.  Each student is helped to develop a whole some personality for which due emphasis is given in the curriculum for intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual growth.  

Computer lab
Computer lab
The new horizon for the pupil

The modern education does not settle its vision simply with learning to read and write, but a complete reformation to sustain in the world.

Sports & fitness
Sports empowers youth & promotes higher self-esteem

Apart from the academic learning, the school is providing the utmost care to develop the physical and mental strength of the children.

Co - curricular Activities
Arts is an integral part of the development of each human being.

To enhance the creative skills of every student, the school encourages Arts festival competitions in drawing, painting, essay, speech, debates, miming, etc.

Sports Event


Here comes the flying horse – Yes, PEGASUS was the name of the two days of our sports meet this year.

Extra Coaching

After School Programs


English enhacement

To equip and improve students to their English curriculum, grammar and vocabulary, school has arranged special classes.


Math improvement

School also provides special classes for math improvement to help students improve in the subject.


Football & Baseball

Our eminent coaches train our upcoming players in football & baseball and other sport games. Many have participated in national/state level matches.

Board Exam

Board exam preparation

School  arranges special preparation classes for students who are preparing for Board exams. Individual care and support is provided.


Admission process & Interview has been started.

Pre KG
Sr.Navya Therese DM
Sr. Navya Theresa DM
In-Charge, K G Section

Our Kindergarten Section

We have a separate Kindergarten section school premise close to the school convent. It comprises of the Play school, LKG, UKG, and the pre-primary sections of I and II classes. Kids in play school nurture and grow in school surroundings. They enjoy and improve language skills by reciting rhymes, listening to stories, action songs. Gradually they begin to learn and recite English, Malayalam and Hindi alphabets.

School provides them with a Sand Play area, where they enjoy playing on swings, merry-go-round, sea-saw, slides. They are basically allowed to mingle with friends through play & learning methods.