History of Stella Maris Convent School

About Us
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Our Mission & Vision

To provide quality education that enhances the development of cognitive, effective and psychomotive skills that forms the essence of holistic growth. The need of the hour is quality education, since survival of even the fittest is tough in the present high tech world.

A Humble Beginning in 1998

Stella Maris Convent School Senior Secondary is under the Management of the Nirmala Province of The congregation of The Daughters of Mary. Msgr. Joseph Kuzhijalil is our founder and the co-foundress is Mother Mary Kallarackal. Our vision is to educate poor people and empower them.

Msgr. Joseph Kuzhijalil

Msgr. Joseph Kuzhijalil

Mother Mary Kallarackal

Mother Mary Kallarackal


According to the invitation of the Bishop along with the support and encouragement of Priests and Parishners of St. Mary’s Malankara Catholic Church Vettickal, sisters were sent by our provincial superior (Marthandom) in the beginning of the academic year 1998-1999.

We started this school with 24 students in CBSE Syllabus. Rev. Sr. Theresa George was the local manager and Rev. Sr. Vandana Mathew was the first principal of the school. The dedicated Service of our former Principals – Rev. Sr. Vincy D.M., Rev. Sr. Jobin Therese D.M., Rev. Sr. Salini Mathew, and Rev. Sr. Neseema and the exemplary life of some other Rev.Sisters, teachers, non-teaching staff and well-wishers are appreciable. The parents have been helping and supporting us eversince the beginning of the institute. Rev sr. Mary Stephen has been the principal since 2015. The present manager is our Provincial Superior Rev. Mother. Lydia DM and the local manager is Rev.Sr. Udaya DM.

Our students in X and XII had 100% success in past year. Some of them came out with flying colours. We have well qualified teachers in all subjects. The fruit of the collective effort of our teachers is the good results and well behavior of our students. The School has always given equal importance to academic excellence, extra-curricular activities and impeccable social behavior.

Our team


Mother Lydia D.M

Mother. Lydia D.M

Sr.Navya Therese DM

Sr.Navya Therese DM

Local Manager
Sr. Jancy Jose D.M

Sr. Jancy Jose D.M

Sr.Mary Stephen D.M

Sr.Mary Stephen D.M

Sr Udaya

Sr.Udaya DM

Helping hand
Sr. Francia DM

Sr. Francia DM

Vice Principal

Our Objectives

The primary aim of education is to form the human person, especially the young rooting them firmly in truth, peace and justice. Moral education program is one of the main components of our education.

The School provides each student with the best education possible based on the fundamental human values.  Each student is helped to develop a wholesome personality for the which due emphasis is given in the curriculam for intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual growth.  A sense of social awareness and responsibility is created in a growing child, making him /her self-reliant.  The programme of education implemented in this school aims at forming fine human persons and worthy citizens for our nation, who are committed to the sublime values of our nation.