A very good evening and a hearty welcome to everybody to Stella Maris.

Esteemed guest of the day your excellency Rt. Rev. Dr.   Yoohanon Mar Theodosius, Advocate P V Srinijin, Rev. Fr. John Makapally, Rev. Sr. Karunya D M,
Sr. Navya Therese, Sr. Mary Stephen, Mrs. Geetha Narayanan-Ward member, Mr. S P Ashok PTA president, Rev. Fathers, Rev Sisters, parents, well-wishers, teachers and non-teaching staff and my dear friends.

With profound pleasure we present to you the Annual report of our school for the academic year 2019-20. This year was a golden year for Stella Maris School. With pride and satisfaction, here we summarize the report of our school about the achievements, areas of development, activities and academic excellence of the year, that is about to get over.

Stella Maris Convent School is owned by the Nirmala Province of the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary. Late Msgr. Joseph Kuzhinjalil is the founder and late Mother Mary Kallarackal is the co-founderess of the Congregation. Stella Maris has completed 21 years of service in educational field. The heavenly patroness of this institution is Mother Mary, that’s why the school is named as Stella Maris Convent School.

 The Chief manager of Stella Maris is Mother Lydia the provincial superior of the Nirmala Province and the local manager is Sr. Navya Therese, the School Principal is Sr. Mary Stephen and the Vice Principal is Sr. Francia. Along with them Sr. Jancy Jose is also a staff of our school. We have 44 sincere & hardworking staff.

 We have a grandma in our school who takes care of us with tender affection. She is none other than Sr. Udaya. She loves us and we all love her too.

 Stella Maris started her current academic year on 6th June 2019 by welcoming her new students as well as all other students in an attractive, colorful way in a prayerful atmosphere. On the first day of the academic year, our school was blessed by
Rev. Fr. Paulose Kizhakkinedath. The welcome ceremony brought our mind and heart to love and respect our school and teachers. It helped in bringing good relationship among us.


 The result of classes 10th& 12th Board Examination was excellent as usual.  Sandra Saji and Catherine T Reji are the school toppers of Science stream by scoring 92% marks in plus two examination. While in the case of class X examination, Anna Neha Praveen is the topper.

Three students Anna Neha Praveen, Merin Thankachan and Riya Jaison scored one hundred over one hundred in Social Science.

Anna Neha Praveen scored 100/100 in Maths and Milan Eldo Babu scored 100/100 in Information Technology. On behalf of Stella Maris here we express special congratulation to these students. In fact, we are proud of you.

The Discovery league conducted a ‘science’ competitive exam in which 8 students won prizes, and two students Anna Biju from class 5th and Hrishikesh T Raj from class 8th were selected for the final level. Congratulation friends.


 In order to get our school’s extension of affiliation we had a very successful inspection in the beginning of the year and we got it extended till March 2023.


Followed by election process including campaign for vote, student’s council team was formed by casting secret voting. Students, who were elected are honest and willing to serve others.  The purpose of this team is to give us opportunity to develop leadership, to organize and carry out school activities and celebrations.

Investiture ceremony was inaugurated by our chief guest, Mr. Joshy Mathew – Police officer, Puthencruz.

Honoring elected members through badging ceremony and the members pledged to bestow their duties to the best of their abilities.

The members are: –

            Simon Shibu               –           Head Boy

            Chippy Jolly                –           Head Girl

            Ann Maria John         –           Arts Club Secretary

            Arun S.                        –           Sports Captain

            Susan Paul                  –           Sports Vice Captain


Principal Sr. Mary Stephen attended the two days programme conducted by CBSE, All Kerala Principal Conference Kochi Conclave Meet and an Experiential learning programme in Thodupuzha for two days each.

All our teachers were sent to attend programmes like subject enrichment programme, class room management, remolding assessment programme etc., arranged by CBSE.

Mr. Suresh Kumar, a CBSE trainer and the principal of Sivagiri public school Aluva, led a programme about Experiential learning training.

Mr. Harichandran an English professor conducted a one-day training program for our teachers.


We organized different programmes- class wise, category wise and club wise.

Mr. Santhosh Potty an experienced trainer in educational field took an interesting and attracting motivation class.

Mr. K. K. Surendran – Fire & rescue officer, Mulanthuruthy, taught us how to react against a disaster through his lecture lesson as well as demonstration.

Our school arranged an awareness class which was led by Mr. Sivakumar, a trainer in police department, Pambakuda about how to fight against using illegal drugs among people specially among youth. He explained about the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phone.

Mr. Joy and his team from Mulanthuruthy – Federal bank branch was kind enough to give us certain basic knowledge about the banking system.

We had a two-day annual retreat which helped us to be a better God-fearing individual.

October is the month of the Holy Rosary. For 30 days we recited the Rosary together and on the 31st day we had a devotional and colorful rally in our school compound with lit candles in our hands.


PTA general body meeting was held and new members were elected.
Mr. Ashok S P was elected the PTA president and Mrs. Salini Somashekaran, the vice president. For all our parents our school arranged an orientation programme which was led by Mr. Santhosh Potty a resource person on the subject of ‘effective parenting’. We feel the warm touch of the helping hands of all our service minded parents. You are the might and power of our school.


“Nature Protection” is an unavoidable duty of every human being. Mr. Scaria a resourceful person from Haritha Keralam, Ernakulam made us understand, through his class, the need of keeping the nature green environment clean and how to make our planet Earth a safer and better place.


We gathered in our school auditorium to commemorate the Hiroshima Day under the leadership of YMCA. Our principal Sr. Mary Stephen delivered a message of peace and the invited guest Rev. Bishop Anthimose Mar Thomas flew a dove as a sign of peace into the air.


In order to give high respect to Mahatma Gandhi, a meeting was arranged in the front yard of Thiruvaniyoor panchayath office.  We students dressed in white, holding Gandhiji’s exhortation written on placards in our hands, walked respectfully and silently to our school. A helping hand of YMCA was behind this event.


It’s a yearly harvest festival celebration in Kerala. There were different kinds of competition for both students and teachers like Onappattu, Tug-of-War etc. In each class we designed beautiful patterns on the floor by arranging petals of different coloured flowers that is by making onappukalam. In fact, it was a competition for us. We spend the day with joyful enthusiasm.  At last we had delicious onapayasam.


In order to pay respect to our loving and dedicated teachers, our principal gave them a day of rest from their teaching duty. They were replaced by 10th standard students to mind their classes. School chose a ‘best teacher’ and honored her by cutting a cake. Teachers’ day celebration, ended with a song sung by all the teachers together. It was a lovely day.


Every Tuesday we have Yoga lessons. It gives us mental clarity and relaxes our mind. At school we celebrated this day by conducting quiz competition as well as poster making competition.


This day was inaugurated by a comedian artist Mr. Abilash Muvatupuzha along with few words about arts.  ‘Tharang’ was the name of our arts competition. Almost all the pupils participated in different written competitions, drawing, etc. as well as stage competitions.


Sports is one of the extremely important factors in the lives of children. Athletic activities help us to grow physically, mentally and emotionally strong. Moreover, it helps us to be healthy as it is a kind of good exercise as well.

This year we were able to reach up to district and state levels. We have football, softball, baseball, throwball and fist ball teams. After school we stay about 2 hours to practice with our coach and PT master.


Here comes the flying horse – Yes, PEGASUS was the name of our sports meet this year. The two days of our sports meet was really exciting.


We participated in the 24th Ernakulam district sub junior softball championship at Bright School Valakam during last week of September. 3 boys and 8 girls from our team were selected to the district level. Kumari Sara Issac was elected to the national team.


18th Ernakulam District Junior baseball championship was held at Perumbavoor Government Poly Technic College Ground; our boys team won the first prize and girls team won second prize. Master Haroon C Jibu was chosen as the best player and was selected as one of the Kerala state team members.


4 boys and 3 girls were selected in the throw ball team during the 6th Ernakulam District Junior Throw ball championship held at St. Peter’s Senior Secondary school, Kadayirippu.


Stella Maris team participated in the 1st Ernakulam district sub junior fist ball championship held at Cochin Rajiv Gandhi Stadium on the 12th of Nov 2019 and won the third prize.

Let me proudly announce the names of the students who were selected to the State and National levels.

Our state players: –


1.      Basil Issac

2.      Justin Roy

3.      Arjun M N

4.      Lalkrishna Prakash

5.      Albin Binu

6.      Glen George

7.      Ajay Krishna Jayan


1.      Neha Thomas

2.      Ann Sara Johnson

3.      Niranjana Jibi

4.      Selmi Sabu

5.      V A. Abhirami

6.      Ansa Babu

7.      Aneeta Antony

8.      Chippy Jolly

9.      Aneena Antony

10.   Adithya Santhosh

11.  Hanna Thambi



Our national players: –


1.      Haroon C Jibu

2.      Joseph Shibu

3.      Simon Shibu

4.      Vasudev Rejeesh

5.      Sreehari Aneesh


1.      Sara Issac

2.      Diya Shaji

3.      Anna Thambi

4.      Anna Johnson

5.      Shaen Meryl Saj



Inter school Karate championship which was conducted at Fathima central school, Piravom – Amirth won 1st prize and, scored the 2nd position.


Observation or practical acquaintance with facts or events is a faster way of teaching and learning. For example, we celebrated fruits day especially for the primary classes. Students were taken outside the class to explain Science and EVS lessons.


C B S E has introduced hubs of learning this year which is mandatory for all its schools. It’s a collaborative partnership of six neighbouring schools in the same area. As a part of hub of learning these six schools conducted a theater and poster making workshops in Al Ameen International school, Edathala. An e-magazine named “Erudio” will be coming to the light soon.


Mouthwatering food court with pleasant aroma had really opened our appetite this year. We named our food court – Anjappam ayayiram ruchikallum means five loaves of bread with five thousand tastes. They were a variety of homemade vegetarian and non-vegetarian hot dishes as well as delicious deserts- hot, cold and frozen.  Moreover, we held a fruit salad competition for the students in class 10th. Their presentation was beautiful and the taste was wonderful. The profit of our food court with the contribution of parents, teachers, and management amounted to Rs. 1 Lakh which we offered as donation to a Cardiac patient.


This year Stella’s exhibition was named “Idea Expo”. Students from classes LKG to X displayed and demonstrated their skills of art such as drawing, painting, collection of old and rare objects, artistic and attractive still models made of waste materials based on our Science, Social Science, and Maths lessons.


Through our school Radio named ‘Stella Radio243’ we broadcast information, school news, thoughts, stories on every Monday and Friday. This help us to improve our born talents and develop our leadership capacity and personality.


In order to give silent message of carbon free environment to the people around us, this year we tried a long-distance race known as Marathon. The starting point was Pazhukamattam junction. People were watching and encouraging us from both sides of the road. Around 300 students took part in Marathon race. Teachers and some parents too joined us in the marathon race.


The 7th, 8th, 9th standard students visited India space research organization (ISRO), planetarium and legislative assembly in our capital city, Trivandrum. In fact, this tour added more modern knowledge into our minds.

Class 10th students enjoyed their 3-day trip to Mysore and Ootty. It was an amazing and amusing trip.

Students from LKG to class 6th had a wonderful picnic to Amusement water theme park at Chalakudy. The kids enjoyed the riding and sliding in the park.


The future development of the nation is in the hands of the school teachers. It has been a great blessing to our school that we have a group of dedicated and excellent teachers. They have the ability to build caring relationship with their students. Our teachers help each one of us to become a good student at school, a good child at home, a better human being in society, and thus become a good citizen of our country. Dear teachers we appreciate you for your whole-hearted support and all kinds of encouragement.

The mission of the school is to empower knowledge, virtue and science and prepare the students to understand, contribute and to succeed in a rapidly changing society, thus making the world better.

            Our vision is to mould a God – fearing future generation, by giving all the students who pass through this school, not just value education but a complete awareness training and practice.


We have come to an end of this eventful academic year. As you heard and watched, we present this annual report with pride and deep satisfaction. We are obliged very much to our beloved school. We thank almighty God for all the blessing he has imparted upon our school this academic year through our Mother Mary.