Activities - Clubs

Social Science club

In order to encourage  students  to share varied experience in social science awareness, the social science club arranges various programs such as debates, chart work ,etc.

Eco club

Global warming is the greates threat to human life nowadays, need to give much and more care to prevent and save the universe from depletion.  The Eco Club of the school is creating awareness among the buds about the need to save the world not only from the global warming but how to keep earth as lively.  Moreover the club used to take students outside the school to witness many progressive eco programs.

Science club

To nourish the scientific culture and also to promote the talent in science, the Science Club of the school is doing a lot.  The Club often conducts seminars, debates, remembrances about the renowned scientists.  Moreover every day science questions are to published on the notice board at the science corner.

Maths club

The maths club of the school is very active, discussing  the new mathematical inventions and also used to help the children who are weak in maths.  Moreover during exhibitions are used to conduct maths expose.