Teachers are carefully recruited considering their academic qualification, professional training, experience and their attitudes towards children and teaching.

The selection of the teachers is conducted taking into account various aspects like communication skill, accent, expression, proficiency in co-curricular activities and above all the overall personality.


After recruitment, the teachers performance is systematically appraised and the confirmation is given strictly on the basis of the performance appraisal. They are given periodic training programs. Every year we begin the new academic year with a three day teaching staff orientation program. Our staff members are encouraged to participate in various in-service programmes organized by Sahodaya and various other agencies. The staff tour conducted every year is an occasion to celebrate our unity.

Class wise teachers of our school

Std. XII      Mrs. Rema Devi
Std. X A     Mrs. Anita Paul P
Std. X B     Mrs. Remya K.M
Std. IX A   Mrs. Rajani
Std. IX B   Mrs. Shaila  M.S
Std. VIII    Mrs. John M.P.
Std. VII A    Mrs. Gigi K.K
Std. VII B    Mrs. Sindhu M.S
Std. VI A     Mrs. Neethu Kesavan
Std. VI B     Mrs. Raji S. Nair
Std. V A      Mrs. Saritha Krishna
Std. V B      Mrs. Ancy John
Std. IV A    Mrs. Sindhu A.B.
Std. IV B    Mrs.  Bincy Varghese
Std. III        Mrs. Bindu Haridas
Std. IIA      Mrs. Bindhu Shantu
Std. IIB      Mrs. Pushkala
Std. I          Mrs. Sujatha Elthose
Std. UKG   Mrs. Aby MU
Std. LKG   Mrs. Sali George

Other Teaching staff

Rev.Sr. Shyni Francis
Rev.Sr. Jancy Jose
Mrs. S Devi
Mrs. Athira Sankar
Mr. Geen M. X
Mr. Sabu Mathew
Mrs. Jasmin John
Mr. Shinto M.A
Mrs. Devika Chandran
Mrs. Geetha
Mrs. Manju Saji
Mrs. Mini Ani
Mrs. Shanty Bejoy
Mrs. Suseela Manoharan
Mrs. Jishy.P