Our Facilities


The school has five well equipped labs: – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Communicative English and Computer Science. Science Exhibitions and science fairs are organized regularly to promote scientific quest.



The school has class libraries to enable the pupils to develop reading habits. The School has a reference library with a wide collection of books in English, Hindi, Malayalam and various subjects. Pupils are encouraged to donate books to the library.

English lab

English lab

The school has Digital English Lab with Audio Visuals to enhance students pronunciation, and grammar skills with lots of interesting modules for vocabulary and communicative spoken english development.

Smart class

Smart Class

Smart Class consists of the latest audio-visual tools, for Computer Science, Mathematics, English, Science, social science, etc. These latest technology tools help students to learn complicated concepts easily.



Sports is one of the extremely important factor in the lives of children. This year we were able to reach up to district and state levels. We have football, softball, baseball, throwball and fist ball teams. After school we stay about 2 hrs to have practice with our coach and PT master.

Martial arts

Martial Arts

A good self-defense and combat sport – Karate is taught as an optional co-curricular subject. Our student won 1st prize in the Inter school Karate championship, Piravam.

Yoga Training

To improve physical fitness and wellbeing – Yoga is taught by a trained Yoga instructor as an optional co-curricular subject.

Kids Sand Play area

The school has a covered Sand play area for the play school and nursery children for improving their motor skills by engaging them to write on sand. More

Sick room

Sick Room

School has facility for a sick room and basic first-aid.



Students of Secondary and Senior Secondary classes who are on the threshold of choosing their career need guidance and help. The school takes intiative to arrange counselling sessions which help students and their parents in overcoming the doubts, emotional and behavioural turmoils and also help them to improve their academic performance.



For the school children’s convenience our School has provided well maintained and well trained drivers and supporting staffs for each of our five school buses which go around the school vicinity and in and around neighbouring & far off localities. 

Social Awareness

In order to give silent message of carbon free environment to the people around us this year we tried long distance race know as Marathon.The school organises contribution towards social issues, donation towards organisation to help needy and orphans.


School commences with morning assembly right from Pre-primary classes. The school makes conscious and concerted efforts to help students internalize faith in God and cultivating desirable habits, discipline and socially accepted behaviour. Special days importance and news reading are also encouraged.

Interhouse competitions

Inter-house competitions such as the Arts & Sports Festivals are organized for all the classes to ensure wholesome growth of the students in a medley of activities. This gives an opportunity to students, parents and teachers to discover, tap and polish talent.

Inter School Competition

The students are given ample opportunities to participate outside the boundaries of the school. The students have qualified / won many competitions in Sahodaya, etc.

Students Club

The school has implemented several clubs such as Social Service League,Quiz Club, Language Club, Eco Club, Maths Club, Science Club. Every club organises exhibitions, activities, debates, articles, seminars, awareness programmes.

Scholarship Exams

Inorder to train and equip children to face modern challenges in competitive examinations school has arranged various scholarship exams eg. Mar Ivanios memorial all india scholarship exam, Gate scholarship, Brilliant scholarship, etc.

Field trips & Excursions

School arranges planned Field trips excursions for the students of various classes eg. Mysore Palace, Ooty Kodaikannal, Boothankat, Wonderla, Thatekad, Hill Palace, etc.